4 Things You Should Know About Bakugo

Bakugo Katsuki is a deuteragonist in the My Hero Academia series. The main character, Midoriya Izuku, has a friendly and fun personality. in contrast, Bakugo has a very stubborn and arrogant nature. You can get Bakugo action figures at https://elysian-anime.net/tag/adult-bakugo/.

To get to know more about the Bakugo character, here are four things you should know about Bakugo Katsuki. Check out the following reviews:

1. Bakugo can only calm down when fighting
As we know, Bakugo is a person who is rude and easily angered. However, everyone will be surprised by how calm Bakugo is when he is in the middle of the battlefield. So calm, Bakugo can even devise complex strategies in an instant.

Bakugo looks like a different person in battle. His self-control is one of the things that makes Bakugo one of the best students in Yuei, considering how good Bakugo is when fighting.

2. In the beginning, Horikoshi will make Bakugo a good character
The creator of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi, has a different plan with the creation of the Bakugo character. At first, Horikoshi would create Bakugo as a kind and gentle character. However, Horikoshi thought that it would make the series bland and boring.

As a result, Horikoshi decided to give the character Bakugo an annoying personality. Horikoshi was even surprised to learn that Bakugo is one of the most popular characters in the series.

3. Kirishima is Bakugo’s only friend
Bakugo’s very arrogant personality makes it difficult for him to make friends. In fact, maybe Bakugo himself never intended to make friends when he enrolled at Yuei High School.
However, things were different after he met Kirishima. Kirishima’s personality and quirks make him a perfect match for Bakugo. Bakugo even acknowledged Kirishima’s abilities and vice versa.

4. Bakugo has many hobbies
Despite his personality, Bakugo is a person who is good at everything. Bakugo is a student who is more than intelligent and good at fighting. Bakugo is known as a person who has many hobbies.

First, Bakugo likes to climb mountains and eat spicy food. Bakugo also often cooks for himself, although sometimes he does not enjoy this one ability. Lastly, Bakugo is very skilled at playing music, especially drumming.