First Day Of College? Do These 3 Things!

Welcoming the first day will always feel fun, stressful, and scary at the same time. All feelings mixed together. There is also a feeling of confusion to deal with it. With the status of a student, you are required to be independent. You may choose the university you want for a number of reasons. However, don’t let the university you choose have horror stories like

No need to worry about how to deal with the first day of college. Here are 3 things you should do for the first day of college to run smoothly and successfully, and of course fun.

1. Wear Your Best Outfit
The first thing you have to do to make sure your first day of college goes well is to choose clothes. Choose the best clothes you have for the first day of college.

By wearing the best clothes, you will feel confident. So, even though it’s the first day of college, the feeling of tension and fear can be slightly overcome with this first thing.

2. Don’t be late
The second thing that is very important for you to pay attention to is checking the class schedule. Don’t be late. Because if you are late on the first day of college, what about the following days? What about your self-esteem and other people’s assessment of you?

To make sure you’re not late on a historic day as a student, check the class schedule in advance. Do this at night while also setting an alarm to wake you up in the morning. That way, it’s never too late.

3. Get acquainted with other people
The next thing you have to do to make sure your first day of college goes well is to get to know other people. This is certainly not easy to do, especially for those of you who are introverts.

If you don’t dare to invite other people to meet you first, then you should wait for someone else to greet you. Most importantly, be friendly and polite when other people say hello and want to get to know you.